Rules / Waivers


 Download Waiver Form Here

All Must Read & Sign a Waiver Form

Items You Will Need :

1) Current Government I.D. or Drivers License. All I.D.’s must have a current photograph.

2) Waivers & Minor Waivers.

3) Proper paperwork if you are coming with a minor and you are not there parent or legal guardian.

4) All shot records from your Vet. If you are coming with your dog.


*** Garbage & Cans  You brought it In so Take it Home!!

*** Glass Bottles are NOT allowed!

*** Quiet time is 1:00 am & 7:00 am.

*** All ATV’s, UTV’s, Vehicles & Bikes are to be shut off between 10:00pm & 7am.

*** Dogs are allowed, they must be on a leash or cable at all times. Your dog must also be people & other pet friendly. You must have there current shots records with you. Dogs must be in your RV or Tent when unattended.

*** DO NOT put cans or garbage in the Campfire.

*** All Firearms and/or weapons of any kind are not allowed on the property.

*** Please do not bring Fireworks with you.

*** Special Events – (Trucks & Jeeps etc.) All persons using the property will be charged the rate for that event. Season Pass Holders WILL NOT get a discount for that event.

Disregard of any of the rules will cause you to be removed (friends included) from the property without any refund whatsoever! 


ALL riders & passengers will be asked to READ & SIGN a waiver when entering the property! No Exceptions Should you not wish to read & Sign the waiver you will be asked to leave.  

NEVER ride without your helmet, when on the property. Accidents can happen anywhere! You can buy extra items for your machine, But you CANNOT Buy a new head.

No Night Riding on trails, be back by dusk.

If you have Extra Safety Gear wear it.

Eye protection should be worn when riding.

Stay on marked trails don’t wander off the marked trail because the area looks cool or someone else may have. You may be on a ajoining landowners property.

Stop at all road and/or trail crossings.

If you see someone else doing something unsafe or wandering off the marked trail, please let us know Get a plate number or I.D. Tag. DO NOT ENTER OTHER PROPERTIES which are not part of 10290 Wilder Rd.. These areas are marked by Yellow Ropes, Ribbons, Trail Closed or STOP Signs!

Please don’t burn your trash, cans, paper, cardboard etc.

If you experience or witness a trail emergency or hazard, please let us know. If the emergency is medical in nature, please be sure to immediately call one of the numbers on the emergency contact cards provided at the registration area. Medical services are available. Cellular Phone coverage is very good here when using Verizon, If you feel you need to call for Emergency Services Please Call 911 !

If you require medical, fire, rescue, or mechanical assistance on the trails notify the our staff . Please stay in one place. It is difficult to locate you if you keep moving. If your problem is resolved prior to arrival of Staff, please call back to notify staff that the problem has been resolved and assistance is no longer needed.

When enjoying your campfires on the property during your stay, please have water accessible for fire containment, especially in times of drought. Please help us to prevent brush and grass fires. If at any time a fire becomes out of control, Call 911 immediately and then call the Staff to provide your location.

Violators of ANY Rules and the friends they came with will be asked to leave with no refunds whatsoever. Season Pass holders found violating the rules and regulations may have their riding privileges suspended or revoked, Again without any refunds whatsoever.


Download Waiver Form Here

All Must Read & Sign a Waiver Form

All persons (No Exceptions To Anyone) entering and / or using the property at 10290 Wilder Road Gowanda, New York 14070 will be asked to Read and Sign a ASSUMPTION of RISK, WAIVER of LIABILITY and a INDEMNITY AGREEMENT !

*** All persons under 18 years of age MUST have a parent or legal guardian present at sign in. If you are not their legal parent or guardian and are going to be their responsible party for the time while at 10290 Wilder Rd., you must be over the age of 21 and also present written permission from the minor(s) parent or legal guardian stating that you are their responsible party during their time at 10290 Wilder Rd. . If you bring someone who is under the age of 18 and you are not their parent or legal guardian, you MUST also have a physical copy of that parent or guardian’s VALID Government-issued ID. That parent, legal guardian, or responsible adult must stay with those under 18 during their entire stay. If the parent, guardian, or person responsible for minor(s) needs to exit the park for any reason, those under 18 MUST leave with them. 

*** If you are coming with a CHILD (under 18) who is NOT A FAMILY MEMBER  you will need a consent form from the legal parent or guardian.

Riding here is a privilege. Please do not disrespect or abuse this privilege. 

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